I'M IN LONDON BIT**!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!! *cue song below*

Two of my best friends, Maddy and Mayce, have been living in London for the past four months. Sadly (for them), happily (for me), their time studying abroad is over! Their basically my family and I flew to London with their parents and little sister, Jacqueline, to pick them up and bring them home. We are going to be spending the next few days here in London, heading to Paris later in the week (and no, I am not scared to go to Paris, just EXCITED!). So stay tuned for the amazing adventures/stories to come! 


We landed yesterday at like noon London time, flew allllllllllll night. Damn, that is a long flight. Luckily I slept a lot of the way, and when I wasn't sleeping, I was watching magic mike, no complaints there.. haha! Once we finally got to the hotel and met up with Maddy and Mayce, we were all so tired and jet lagged so we just walked around a little bit, went to dinner, toured where they have been living, and then just went back to the hotel to sleep. 


Today was a BUSY day. Woke up at 7 am in England, Jet Lag is a bit**. Got ready, and went to get Maddy and Mayce from where they have been living. After we got all of their stuff back to our hotel, we took the tub(the subway) to big ben.. LITERALLY BYE. It is so cool, looks like a painting, literally!!!! LITERALLY LITERALLY, oh my gosh, literally bye. After gawking over Big Ben for about an hour, we walked through a park to Buckingham Palace. (You know I got a cute cute hot dog in that cute cute park and I loved it.) It blows my mind that the ACTUALLY QUEEN lives there... A QUEEN? How do I get that title? Anyone? HELP. After Buckingham Palace, we walked to Trafalgar square which is so freaking cute. Cutest streets of London. If you know me at all, you KNOW I love a good Monet, so the National Gallery was a hot spot for this cutie. Loved walking around looking at all the stunning art pieces. One day my portrait will be there ;). The rest of the day consisted of just walking around, admiring all of London..you know this cutie went shopping (didn't buy anything tho, Lord I don't know how ???) but London has the best stores and everyone on the streets has THEE best style. Hot boys + British accents + good style? I'm weak. Anywayssssssss, all in all in was such an amazing day I can't even put into words all the amazing experiences I am having over here across the pond. Can't wait for another fun filled day tomorrow.